To-Do List for October 9,10,11, 12, and 13th:

  1. Wash face 2-3 times with new soap from Oil of Olay. Put a few extra bars under kitchen sink.
  2. Brush teeth.
  3. Shave hair under lip and chin.
  4. Make rice water for face and hair. Make rice, honey and milk cream for face. Rinse it off with reserved rice water.
  5. Wash a load of clothes.
  6. Put dirty underpants in bag where they belong.
  7. Wash bra tonight and black camisole.
  8. Put clothes that are in a pile in Mom’s room in garbage bags and haul downstairs to be washed. Wash clothes but not too large of load so that the washing machine isn’t overwhelmed. Bring up clothes in clean garbage bag (s), ask Mom what can be done with them.
  9. Transfer ALL coins out of purse and put into plastic bag in television room. Eventually, put the coins into a large Zip-loc bag which can be purchased tomorrow.
  10. Put white headphones into plastic bag.
  11. Put name, cell phone number and website address on the back of ALL Mary Kay brochures.
  12. Have Mom THOROUGHLY disinfect phone or ask her how to do it myself.
  13. Put the papers, books and other items that are on the coffee table into paper bags for now to get them off the coffee table so that it will look better.
  14. Look for overdue library books, magazines to be returned tomorrow.
  15. Enter ALL prize contests, PCH, PrizeGrab, Contest Bee, and possibly others.
  16. Work on homework for “The New Rules of Work” for tomorrow’s class.
  17. Make cover for play. The cover will include the title of the play, my full name, the words, “A One Act Play” and a colorful graphic image to add interest and detail. This cover will go into the binder sleeve on the front of my white binder.
  18. Make a schedule for daily weekly activities. Monday-Sunday.
  19. Make a list of important talking points for eventual therapist. Then, flesh out the initial list into greater further detail so that I can have a good starting point with therapist and so that hopefully, real progress can be made.
  20. Update shower log for today’s date.
  21. Find new pins from Pinterest and update descriptions for each board.
  22. Update resume to include volunteer activities, as many as I can remember. Write down fairly detailed descriptions of my chores/responsibilities for each volunteer position.
  23. Re-print out Bath and Body Works application and fill it out neater.
  24. Re-copy Rosemary Rachel’s contact info onto a sheet of paper to be used as a reference. Also, get Sister Marie’s contact info from Mom.
  25. Clean out the back of Mom’s car. All trash gets put into a bag and thrown away in the house. All the items that still can be used get put into another bag and brought inside.
  26. Make appointment with the doctor and dentist. Call the Douglas Moore Center and make a next available appointment.
  27. Look for DBT therapists (if possible) before Thursday’s meeting with Ellen.
  28. Organize beads in bead boxes and also in the containers in television room.
  29. Work on play and play outlines.
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Things to Do Today:

  1. Take ALL coins out of purse and put into appropriate containers at home.
  2.  Write sentiment on the inside of Kitty and Joshua’s wedding card. Address it tonight and mail it out tomorrow. 
  3.  Make rice water mixture for face:  rice water, honey, milk, olive oil and green tea, all ingredients are very good for the face.
  4.  Wash pillowcases and sheets in Justice bag in old yellow room. When the pillowcases are washed and dried, put Justice bag in the large bag of bags in the kitchen.
  5. Count garbage bags by the television room and see if they are being moved slowly out of the house. The goal is 2 bags per week.
  6. Work on homework for next Wednesday’s meeting with Karen Gusik.
  7. Watch Mary Kay videos and visit Mary Kay website.
  8. Print out business proposal for business meeting tomorrow with the Small Business Development Center.
  9. Call Citizen’s Bank to see if they handle savings bond, and if so, what my savings bond might be possibly worth.
  10. Enter ALL prize contests.
  11. Work on play for real.
  12. Print out info about DBT therapists in the Cleveland area.
  13. Organize beads and make jewelry.
  14. Wash two porcelain bowls on kitchen sink. When they are fully dried, put them in cupboard. (The two porcelain bowls are washed and put away, but they could stand to be washed a little bit better.)
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Jewelry Projects:


1.) Aqua seed bead and white pearl chain-link necklace with aqua flower pendant attached.

2.) Pink seed bead and white pearl chain-link necklace with pink flower pendant attached.

3.)   teal seed bead, clear brown seed bead and amber seed bead dangle hanger earrings

4.) white iridescent, matte white seed bead and gold seed bead dangle hanger earrings.

5.) Medium white pearl eye-pin link, large gold ring and iridescent red teardrop bead at the bottom.

6.) Medium white pearl eye-pin link, large gold ring and glass turquoise teardrop bead at the bottom.

7.) Medium white pearl eye-pin link, and large gold ring at bottom.

8.)  Large gold ring with iridescent red teardrop bead at bottom.

9.) Large gold ring with turquoise teardrop bead at bottom.

10.) Large gold ring with smaller gold jump rings attached to either side of it, then a length of gold chain attached to the jump rings, finished with a gold barrel necklace clasp.

11.) Medium sapphire pearl and medium white pearl eye-pin link bracelet, necklace and earrings set.

12.)  tiny clear seed bead,  large white oval bead, small crystal rondelle bead, sapphire Czech fire-polished bead, tiny clear seed  bead.


13.) seed bead and tiny pearl eye-pin chain link forehead and headbands.


14.)  Red iridescent teardrop bead eyepin link with silver feather charm dangle at the bottom.


15.) Hand/ring bracelets made from the silver and aqua dream-catcher type earrings that I bought.


16.) Gold dangle hanger earrings made from the gold and crystal paddle earrings that I bought at Longwood Beauty Supply.


17.) black rondelle eye-pin link, large silver disco ball bead link, large silver jump ring and four equal lengths of chain.





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Things to Do- September 11th, 2017:

  1. Wash face, brush hair and teeth. Make rice water mixture for face: (rice water, honey, milk and about two tablespoons of olive oil. Spread mixture on face with cotton balls. Spread onto neck as well.  Leave mixture on face for about an hour, rinse with warm water and then pat dry. Make rice water for hair, spread thoroughly through hair, comb through thoroughly.


2.) Put blanket in dryer and then wash the large red blanket that I have on bed.  Wash the pillowcase that I have on pillow, wash all of the pillowcases and sheets that I have in multi-colored Justice bag.  Put Justice bag downstairs in the large bag of bags in dining room.

3.) Print out list of Dialectical Behavioral Therapists in Cleveland and call them tomorrow, Tuesday.


4.) Continue going through clothes on bed in yellow room, in Mom’s room, and in my old closet and in room as well. Wash all clothes in these three places, then decide what to do with them. Clothes that I still want to keep should  be stored in closet. Clothes that I want to donate to the Ozanam Center should be stored in bags and then stored in Mom’s trunk to be all ready to be donated this Saturday.


5.) Work on play for real this time.


6.) Finish washing the two white porcelain bowls on kitchen sink, and then once they are completely washed, store in cupboard.


7.) Put bar soaps from Mom’s room underneath the kitchen sink. Save one of the Oil of Olay soaps to be put into cupboard to be used as bar soap for face.


8.) Throw out the empty bags in Mom’s room and ask her if she needs my help in putting items back in room on landing.


9.) Continue to organize beads for jewelry-making club. The beads should be separated into two categories: beads that I need for projects and beads that everyone can use.


10.) Make jewelry and go through the tubs of beads in television room for beads that I need to complete my projects:

  •                small white pearls
  • aqua seed beads
  • pink seed beads
  • clear glass brown seed beads
  • clear amber seed beads
  • sapphire
  • medium white pearls
  • medium sapphire pearl
  • clear red seed beads
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Today was a fairly good day so far. I brushed my teeth, put on a new shirt from Goodwill that I bought, my clothes are clean and my shoes don’t have large holes in them.

I also washed my big blanket, charged my phone, got some stuff together, so that’s good.



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Things to Do Today:

  1. Wash face, brush hair and teeth.  Use olive oil on face and skin and also brush it through hair.
  2. Clear out ALL coins out of purse and put into bags:  nickels, pennies, dimes and quarters.  Then put the small zip-loc bags into four separate white plastic tubs. keep adding onto them until the bag gets full, then maybe switch to a bigger bag/container. When bag is really full, take to a Coinstar to redeem for paper money. There is a Coinstar at Dave’s Supermarket at Severance, so I can take my coins there when I get enough of them.
  3. Rubber-band all of the shoes in the large black plastic garbage bags in the front room and put them back in the bags. Make sure the bags have no holes. Donate them next Saturday to the Ozanam Center.
  4. Put all of the newspapers in the dining room in brown paper bags.
  5. Enter prize contests online.
  6. Finish washing tub of pens that are in the kitchen.
  7. Pick up ALL finished jewelry pieces off the floor and put into white plastic tub (s) to be washed. Clean up the jewelry in the television room and put the jewelry that I want to wear in a separate bag from the rest of the jewelry.
  8.  Sweep up all of the beads off the floor in the television room,  but go through them first to see what ones I can use.  Beads that I am looking for are: small white pearls, aqua seed beads, gold and silver earring hooks, head and eye pins, clear brown seed beads and clear amber seed beads as well. Also, gold and silver jump rings.
  9. Work on play for real!
  10. Clean up in old yellow room and throw out all trash. Go through clothes again and see what I still want to wear and what I can donate to the Ozanam Center.
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Journal Entry:

Yesterday was an okay day. I made some phone calls. I called Noble Road Presbyterian Church and spoke to the receptionist there Stephanie about having a possible coffee shop/community space “We Will Rise” at the church. I told her that I was trying to get in touch with Judy Beeler who I had spoken to before at the church and she seemed really supportive and enthusiastic overall about the idea. She told me that I would either from Judy Beeler yesterday or today. So, if I don’t hear from her by the end of today, that I should give Stephanie a call back to let her know. So, I will do just that.


Also, I washed some clothes, made a doctor’s appointment for this coming Thursday at I believe 1:30, but I have to listen to my phone recording for sure because I think I recorded the date and time of the appointment on my cell phone. I also called Kristina Mullins to let her know what was going on with the job situation and that I have a meeting on Wednesday with I think her name is Karen from Goodwill.

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